sup y'all

Despite the cold temperatures I’ve came up with the perfect winter outfit!

The Perfect Winter Outfit

About the outfit

I haven’t planned on showcasing a winter outfit, because I thought that the cold winter days were almost gone and I already had a spring look ready to post. Then 😒 suddenly 😩 the temperature fell down and my planned post went to thrash. Despite that I decided to use this opportunity to come up with a winter look. As my outfit base I used a coat and chealseas. Under my coat I chose to wear a classic (a bit) chunky sweater because it seems as a obvious choice for the cold, the same goes for black jeans – you can’t go wrong with that. A few rings and a hat were my accessories.

With what can I pair it?/ How can I style it differently?

  • You can easily pair some classic menswear accesories that are meant for winter with this outfit. (gloves, scarfs, umbrellas, caps…)
  • If you are not a fan of dark tones you can come up with a more “light” variant of this outfit. (Try playing with beige or light grey tones and if you are feeling bold you can mix in some dark orange tones)

This outfit is very versatile and you can come up with a bunch of variations of it, i.e.: Don’t like the sweater – put on a hoodie…

That’s why I think it’s perfect for the winter.

In this outfit:

  • Coat: s.Oliver
  • Sweater: Bershka
  • Jeans: NewYorker
  • Chelseas: Gemo
  • Rings: Bershka
  • Hat: Zara

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know down in the comments.