New photo by Matej Divković / Google Photos

Hey, hi, hello!

My name is Matej Divković and I’m the creator of this blog The Young Fashionista. I wanted to make an online journal filled with my outfits all inspired by SLP and minimal aesthetics.This blog is dedicated to all men who need some inspiration for their next outfit. Fashion has always been a part of my life. I grew up among fashion-forward women who often gave me advice on how to dress and by doing that a love for fashion was born. As I grew older my love for fashion has become a hobby which is writing posts for this blog.

Through a short period of time, my work on this blog has been rewarded from m: tel (a telecommunications company here in Bosnia). I’ve done interviews for two popular Bosnian online portals and much more (be sure to check out my press page.)

My blogger idols are:

  • Marcel Floruss
  • Andreas Wijk
  • Mariano di Vaio
  • Vladan Gavrić

My style used to change and shift a lot. As I find myself growing and maturing I can say that SLP and minimalism have a big impact on my style and the way I’m dressing.

Here are a few facts about me:

  • I’m 182cm tall
  • I like to shop at Bershka, Zara, and thrift stores.
  • I’d love to shop at high-end stores but I don’t have enough coins, yet
  • I sometimes play video games, my favorite game franchises are Mass Effect and Fallout.

I really hope that you like my introduction to you and I’m inviting you to stay. If you want you can follow me on these social media sites: