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Welcome to my blog about menswear and web design.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Matej (but you can call me Matt) and this is my blog. This blog started out as a fashion/style blog but as of recently I decided to write about my struggles as a junior web designer as well. Scroll down to learn more about the content I post on here or click the link below to learn more about me.

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I used a pair of glasses to style an outfit

I can't belive that I'm sticking to my plans of posting once a week.

Today I decided to blog about an outfit that was shot back in May. The pictures you see down below were taken by Azra Mehdin. We sort off collaborated, she needed some pictures taken for an exam. The assignment of the exam was commercial photography and she came up with the idea to make an eyewear ad. Now I can't show you the ad, I'll have to ask Azra, BUT I can show you some pictures from the shoot.


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All things menswear, male fashion and style.
I'm just starting out as a Web and UI designer, so I'll be writing about / sharing my work and sturggles as a freelancer.

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